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Uke 20

Red Headed stranger: Willie Nelson

Bright lights, bright city (soundtrack): Diverse

Hunky Dory: David Bowie

Bad Girls: Donna Summer

Knights in white satin: Giorgio Moroder

Angst in my pants: Sparks

Straight between the eyes: Rainbow

Original Lightfoot CD1: Gordon Lightfoot

Sundown: Gordon Lightfoot

Mirage: Fleetwood Mac

Long live rock'n roll: Rainbow

Paris, texas (Soundtrack): Ry Cooder

Inner vision: Phenomena

Days of thunder (soundtrack): Diverse

Pretty woman (soundtrack): Diverse

One from the heart (soundtrack): Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle

Solitary men: Giorgio Moroder & Joe Esposito

Greatrst classical hits: Edvard Grieg

Platinum: Creedence Clearwater revival

Engage: Howard Jones

Savage: Eurythmics

Colour all my days: Limahl

D.C.Cab (soundtrack): Giorgio Moroder m.fl.

Spirit: Depeche Mode

Top gun (soundtrack): Diverse

Uke 19

Spirit: Depeche Mode

Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder: Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder

3: Indochine

Metropolis (soundtrack): Giorgio Moroder m.fl.

12" album: Howard Jones

I feel like... : Alvin Stardust

Peace: Eurythmics

Into the gap: Thompson Twins

Top Gun (soundtrack): Giorgio Moroder m.fl.

Mathematician's display: Pekka Pohjola

Bent out of shape: Rainbow

Secret: Classix Nouveaux

Oui Oui Si Si Ja ja da da: Madness

Difficult to cure: Rainbow

Stranger things: Marc Almond

Curse of: Blondie

Ghost stories: Coldplay

Midnight express (soundtrack):  Giorgio Moroder

Crisis! What Crisis?: Supertramp

collection: Joe Jackson

Crime of the century: Supertramp

Famous last words: Supertramp

Even in the quietest moments: Supertramp

Colour of spring: Talk Talk

Spirit of Eden: Talk Talk

It's My life: Talk Talk

Laughing stock: Talk Talk

Party's over: Talk Talk

Terminal Jive.: The Sparks

Angst in my pants: The Sparks

Music in a foreign language: Lloyd Cole

Uke 18

Singles 1984-1987: Marc Almond

Real life: Magazine

Battlestar Galactica: Giorgio Moroder

Mathematician's Air display: Pekka Pohjola

Secondhand daylight: Magazine

Neverending story (soundtrack): Klaus Doldinger & Giorgio Moroder

Greatest hits 1993: Diverse

Springtime: P. Lion

Decade: Neil Young

Systems of romance: Ultravox

Ghost of Tom Joad: Bruce Springsteen

Tubular Bells III: Mike Oldfield

Stratovarius: Stratovarius

Wrote a song for everyone: John Fogerty

Definitive collection: Lionel Richie

Man on the rocks: Mike Oldfield

Songs of distant earth: Mike Oldfield

Life of Birds: David Rotheray

Correct use of soap: Magazine

Book: Graham Bonnet Band

Back to the Future (soundtrack): Diverse

Uke 17

Parallel Lines: Blondie

Best of Sparks: The Sparks

Dreamland: Aztec Camera

Singles: Lloyd Cole & The Commotions

Knights in white satin: Giorgio Moroder

Combat rock: The Clash

London calling: The Clash

If you want blood you got it: AC/DC

High land, hard rain: Aztec Camera

Grand Prix: Teenage Fanclub

Izitso: Cat Stevens

No 1 In Heaven: The Sparks

Correct use of soap: Magazine

Secondhand daylight: magazine

Journey - the very best of: Donna Summer

Great british songs: Ali Campbell

Songs that made this country great: Stan Ridgway

Nervous night: The Hooters

Real life: Magazine

Magic moviehits - Giorgio Moroder

Absolute Italiana: Diverse

Back to the future (soundtrack): Diverse

Book: Graham Bonnet Band

Then again... : John Farnham

Hotter than July: Stevie Wonder

International version: Jennifer Rush

Colour all my days: Limahl

Somebody's watching me: Rockwell

I remember yesterday: Donna Summer

Uke 16

Donna Summer: Donna Summer

Flashdance (soundtrack): Giorgio Moroder m.fl.

Son of my father: Giorgio Moroder

Knights in white satin: Giorgio Moroder

Now 17: Diverse

Best of: Paul Hardcastle

Shine: Frida

Essential: Pet Shop boys

Oui Oui Si si ja ja da da: Madness

Big love: Ali Campbell

Life of birds: David Rotheray

Midnight express (soundtrack): Giorgio Moroder

Space movie (soundtrack): Mike Oldfield

Neverending story (soundtrack): Limahl

Striaght between the eyes: Rainbow

Hair - the musical: Diverse

Verpentine: Björk

Uke 15

Metropolis(soundtrack): Giorgio Moroder m.fl.

Gimme shelter: The Rolling Stones

Beggars Banquet: The Rolling Stones

Stars: The Cranberries

Best of: Jeffrson Airplane

Achtung Baby: U2

Bad vibes: Lloyd Cole

Space Movie(soundtrack): Mike Oldfield

Treasure box: Marc Almond

Stars we are: Marc Almond

Enchanted: Marc Almond

Music in a foreign Language: Lloyd Cole

Corey Hart: Corey Hart

First offense: Corey Hart

Nachtflug: Falco

All the best: Leo Sayer

Marbles: The Barbles

State of Confusion: The Kinks

Flashdance (soundtrack): Giorgio Moroder m.fl.

Bedtimes stories: Madonna

Bad Girls: Donna Summer

Essential: Andreas Vollenweider

Absolute ..something: Diverse 

Midnight Express (Soundtrack): GIorgio Moroder

Uke 14:

Cat People (soundtrack): Giorgio Moroder & david Bowie

Birthday party: The Idle Race

Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder: Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder

Dancing on the couch: Go West

Go West: Go West

Golden ribbons: Dawn feat Tony Orlando

Living in a box: Living in a box

On the third day: E.L.O.

Superunknown: Soundgarden

Dark horse: George Harrison

Alone in the Universe: E.L.O.

First offense: Corey Hart

Corey Hart: Corey Hart

Moondance: Van Morrison

Under the water-line: Ten Sharp

An anthology: The Undertones

Down to earth: Rainbow

American gigolo (Soundtrack): Giorgio Moroder

Electric Dreams (Soundtrack): Giorgio Moroder m.fl.

Midnight express: (soundtrack): Giorgio Moroder

Forever dancing: Giorgio Moroder

Deja Vu: Giorgio Moroder

Best of rockers n' ballads: Scorpions

Cover up: UB40

Best of: Jefferson Airplane

Promises and lies: UB40

Radio Rosenborg: Diverse

Uke 13

Son of my father: Chicory Tip

Shuttered room: The Fixx

Absolutely live: The Doors

Rock of the westies: Elton John

Blue Moves: Elton John

Best of: Giorgio Moroder

Only one: Huey Lewis & The News

Fore!: Huey Lewis & The News

Kill Uncle: Morrissey

Android warehouse: Becker - Fagen

Honey lingers: Voice of the Beehive

Let it bee: Voice of the Beehive

Ommadawn: Mike Oldfield

Countdown to Ecstasy: Steely Dan

Delta Machine: Depeche Mode

Labour of love II: UB40

Sounds of the universe: Depeche Mode

Tres Lunas: Mike Oldfield

Labour of Love IV: UB40

Millennium Bell: Mike Oldfield

Viva Hate: Morrissey

Wrong people : Furniture

Waiting for the sun: The Doors

Post: Björk

Avonmore: Bryan Ferry

Crazy world: Scorpions

Dark horse: George Harrison

Paper Gods: Duran Duran

Uke 12

Too low for zero: Elton John

Carbou: Elton John

Paper monsters: David Gahan

Born to be wild: Steppenwolf

Lone arrangerer: Manfred Mann

Tour de France soundtracks: Kraftwerk

Ralf & Florian: Kraftwerk

Kraftwerk: Kraftwerk

1: The Beatles

Collection: Lynyrd Skynyrd

Retrospective: Jefferson Starship

Behind the mask: Fleetwood Mac

Back from Rio: Roger McGuinn

Revolver: The Beatles

Hourglass: David Gahan

Captain Fantastic and the beown dirt cowboy: Elton John

Dark horse: George Harrison

Return to Ommadawn: Mike Oldfield

Cloud Nine: George Harrison

Greatest hits of: Nick Heyward & Haircut 100

Darkness on the edge of town: Bruce Springsteen

Journey into amazing caves: The Moody Blues

Keep your distance: Curiosity killed the cat

Love song: Elton John

Modern talking story: Modern Talking

Lovesensualitydevotion: Enigma

December: The Moody Blues

Strange Times: The Moody Blues

Keys of the kingdom: The Moody Blues

Sur La Mer: The Moody Blues

Best of: Earth, Wind & Fire

Romancing in the dark: Münchener Freiheit

Fantasy: Münchener Freiheit

Love is no Science: Münchener Freiheit

Uke 11

Magnificent moodies: The Moody Blues

Days of future passed: The Moody Blues

Searching for the lost chord: The Moody Blues

Days of future passed: The Moody Blues

Every good boy deserves favour: The Moody Blues

Seventh Sojourn: The Moody Blues

To our children's children's children: The Moody Blues

On the Threshold of a dream: The Moody Blues

Octave: The Moody Blues

The Present: The Moody Blues

Other side of life: The Moody Blues

Long distance voyager: The Moody Blues

120 all time hits 1: Diverse

120 all time hits 2: Diverse

120 all time hits 3: Diverse

120 all time hits 4: Diverse

120 all time hits 5: Diverse

120 all time hits 6: Diverse

120 all time hits 7: Diverse

120 all time hits 8: Diverse

Born to flirt: The Flirts

Results: Liza Minnelli

Nick Kamen: Nick Kamen

Young man running: Corey Hart

Boy in the box: Corey Hart

Go On... : Mr. Mister

Will to power: Will to power

Final: Wham!

Panorama: The Cars

I live you avenue: Nick Heyward

Hits 3 - the album: Diverse

Phantoms: The Fixx

Wanted!: The Outlaws

Spirits of the western sky: Justin Hayward

Get us out of here: Freur

Doot-Doot: Freur

OceanHead: Latin Quarter

Tilt: Latin Quarter

Seventeen seconds: The Cure

Human Touch: Bruce Springsteen

Strange cargo III: William Orbit

Lucky town: Bruce Springsteen

Urban hymns: The Verve

Uke 10

Reach the beach: The Fixx

Best of: Earth, Wind & Fire

Forever Now: Level 42

A Physical presence: Level 42

Yield: Pearl Jam

Mindfields: Toto

Top: The Cure

Faith: Cure

True Colours: Level 42

Return to Ommadawn: Mike Oldfield

Boys don't cry: The Cure

Unplugged: Neil Young

Parklife: Blur

Timing is everything...: Chris de Burgh

Influences: Mark King

Hands of man: Chris de Burgh

Tourism: Roxette

Walkabout: The Fixx

Jack mix in full effect: Diverse

Pictures of old days: Scotch

P4F: Diverse

New Jersey: Bon Jovi

Shaddap you face: Joe Dolce

Love is in the air: John Paul Young

Uke 9

Retroglide: Level 42

Parklife: Blur

Panorama: The Cars

Pornography: The Cure

Home: Chris De Burgh

River sessions: Level 42

Whitney Houston: Whitney Houston

Electric Landlady: Kirsty MacColl

Affection: Lisa Stansfield

Return to Ommadawn: Mike Oldfield

Deja Cu: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Sirens: Level 42

International version: Jennifer Rush

Hotter than July: Stevie Wonder

Somebody's watching me: Rockwell

3: Indochine

Crusader: Chris de Burgh

Let it be: Laibach

Jack mix in full effect: Diverse

Pictures of old days: Scotch

P4F: Diverse

Beste sanger: Tramteatret

12" album: Howard Jones

Walkabout: The Fixx

Shuttered room: The Fixx

Results: Liza Minnelli

Whitney: Whitney Houston

Born to Flirt: The Flirts

Donna Summer: Donna Summer

Uke 8

Shuttered room: The Fixx

Walkabout: The Fixx

Aggent provocateur: Foreigner

No regrets - the best of: Scott Walker

Red headed stranger: Willie Nelson

Scott 4: Scott Walker

Modern life is rubbish: Blur

Chrome dreams II: Neil Young

Creatures of the night: Kiss

Summer in the city - the collection - Lovin' Spoonful

Nordmans bästa: Nordman

Variete: Marc Almond

Ten Plagues: Marc Almond

Storyman: Chris de Burgh

Willie and the poorboys: Creedence Clearwater revival

FIeld commander cohen - tour of 1979: Leonard Cohen

Moonfleet & other stories: Chris de Burgh

Think tank: Blur

Don't look back: Boston

Willie and the poorboys: Creedence Clearwater revival

Greatest hits: Inxs

Return to Ommadawn: Mike Oldfield

Best of: Blur

Uke 7

Blur: Blur

Tourism: ROxette

Great escape: Blur

GT 25: Gyllene TIder

Shine: Frida

Creatures of the night: Kiss

Centerfield: John Fogerty

One of these nights: The Eagles

Essential: Billy Joel

Xanadau: E.L.O. m.fl.

Ingenmannsland: Nordman

Return to Ommadawn: Mike Oldfield

Moonlight serenade: Carly Simon

Dreaming my dreams: Waylon Jennings

13: Blur

Best of - Volume 1: Belinda Carlisle

DIesel and dust: Midnight Oil

Don't look back: Journey

Dynasty: Kiss

Super: Pet Shop boys

Essential recordings: Johnny Horton

Perfect stranger: Deep Purple

World top 12: Diverse

Top of the pops: Diverse

Beste sanger: Tramteatret

Let's go all the way: Sly Fox

Phantoms: The Dixx

Invasion of the spacepeckers: Video Kids

Vive le rock: Adam Ant

Ammonia avenue: Alan Parsons Project

12" album: Howard Jones

White feathers: Kajagoogoo

Uke 6

Blue: Joni Mitchell

Stage Fright: The Band

Best of: Sarah Mclachlan

Running in the family: Level 42

Simply the best: Men at work

Drums of war: TinDrum

Abracadabra: Steve Miller Band

Essentials: Howard Jones

Paradise Theatre: Styx

Close: Kim Wilde

Best of: The Hooters

Tapestry: Carole King

Into white: Carly Simon

Listen without Prejudice: George Michael

Beach boys: The Beach Boys

OK Computer: Radiohead

Bend: Radiohead

Kid A: Radiohead

Diamond: Spandua Ballet

Dynasty: Kiss

Fly from here: yes

Band: The Band

Best of: Nik Kershaw

Essential recordings: Johnny Horton

Songs from the big chair: Tears for Fears

Faith: George Michael

Unknown pleasures: Joy Division

Closer: Joy Division

Vulture Culture: Alan Parsons Project

Stereotomy: Alan Parsons Project

Gaudi: Alan Parsons Project

Ram it down: Judas Priest

Powerslave: Iron Maiden

Uke 5

Collection: Asia

Greatest hits: Boston

Hits explosion: Diverse

Greatest hits: The Band

Northern lights - Southern cross: The Band

Music from big Pink: The Band

Let love rule: Lenny Kravitz

Super: Pet Shop boys

Essential recordings: Johnny Horton

Obsession: Tony Hadley

Last Waltz: The Band

Son of Albert: Andrew RIdgeley

Odditorium: The Dandy Warhols

Universal masters collection: Asia

Dreams that money can't buy: Holly Johnson

jubilee: Grant Lee Buffalo

Diamond: Spandau Ballet

Face value: Phil Collins

Stop making sense: Talking heads

Little Creatures: Talking Heads

Raven: The Stranglers

Dressed to kill: Kiss

Hits: Reo Speedwagon

Uke 4

Through the Barricades: Spandau Ballet

Heart like a sky: Spandau Ballet

Little Bruises: Gary Kemp

Din dag: Åge Aleksandersen

Blue: Simply Red

Lovesongs top 100: Diverse

But seriously: Phil Collins

My religion: TNT

Blast: Holly Johnson

Intuition: TNT

Welcome to the pleasuredome: Frankie goes to Hollywood

Substance - 1977-1980: Joy Division

Unearthed: Div. artister

Mp3 hits: Diverse

Uke 3

Knights of the new thunder: TNT

Tell no tales: TNT

Part II: Holton & Steel

12 gold bars volume 2: Status Quo

Spiral: Vangelis

Non-Stop erotic cabaret: Soft Cell

Non Stop erotic dancing: Soft Cell

Seeds of love: Tears for Fears

Deraisonnable...: Rose Laurens

Love songs: Phil Collins

I can see your house from here: Camel

Lovesongs top 100: Diverse

Herborgs verden: Herborg Kråkevik

Volume Two: Manfred Mann Chapter Three

Magic: Bruce Springsteen

Criminal tango: Manfred Mann's Earth Band

Off the ground: Paul McCartney

Life: Simply Red

Be here now: Oasis

Goodbye yellow brick road: Elton John

Forever Now: Level 42

Uke 2

Retroglide: Level 42

Sirens: Level 42

This last night In Sodom: Soft Cell

You want it darker: Leonard Cohen

Rainbow Nation: Bronski Beat

Live in Dublin: Bruce Springsteen

Victim of love: Elton John

Fox: Elton John

A new flame: Simply Red

Architecture & Morality live: O.M.D.

Pressure drop: Robert Palmer

Stay: Simply Red

Pride: Robert Palmer

Broken China: RIck Wright

Bayou Country: Creedence Clearwater Revival

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Creedence Clearwater Revival

Works: Queen

Deraisonnable...: Rose Laurens

Downwind: Pierre Moerlen's Gong

Short stories: Jon & Vangelis

Heaven & Hell: Vangelis

Spiral: Vangelis

Invasion of the Spacepeckers: VIdeo Kids

Uke 1

Mardi Gras: Creedence Clearwater Revival

Green River: Creedence Clearwater Revival

Pendulum: Creedence Clearwater Revival

Willie and the poorboys: Creedence Clearwater Revival

Cosmo's Factory: Creedence Clearwater Revival

Soul cages: Sting

Final: Wham

Hits 3 album: Diverse

Allnighter: Glenn Frey

Ten summoner's Tales: Sting

MG: Martin Gore

Xscape: Michael Jackson

Honey: Robert Palmer

Best of: Sash!

Super hits: Johnny Cash

You want it darker: Leonard Cohen

Crossing: Big Country

Patience: George Michael

Driving to Damascus: Big Country

Live at the opry: Jim Reeves

Twentyfive: George Michael

Replicas: Tubeway Army

Platinum collection: David Bowie

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